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2016 Q2
Hi all, 
Please review and critique.

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(18-07-2019, 07:31 PM)PJD Wrote: Hi all, 
Please review and critique.

First comment is that there is not a lot there for 25 marks.

For part A, you have labelled five interfaces between the trackside and the train but have not put anything that demonstrates that you know why these interfaces are critical. The splitting of the lateral and vertical track dimensions would appear to be a thin attempt to make up the numbers. Bear in mind that later on the question talks about communications channels and you have not mentioned this as any kind of interface for PSD.

I am not really sure what the first sections of part b are trying to say. The question does not call for this functional description. The latter section of part b suggests that your objective is "best achieved..." but does not give any discussion or justification (which is what the question does ask for) of why this is "best". Suggesting generic "devices" are used is not going to get you many marks (if any). The question almost certainly refers to communication with driverless trains for a reason - the examiner is expecting you to say something about it, but you have not made any comment on this.

In section c you have listed some functions and not much else associated with them. The question specifically asks you to discuss mitigating measures that need to be in place to avoid wrong side failure of the PSD, but you have identified none.

Not good news - you are unlikely to be anywhere near a pass with an answer like this one.

Hi Peter, 
Many thanks for the feedback. 
I'll keep practicing! 
I'd be grateful for any input on my other attempts also.

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