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2012 Q10 ATO

.docx   Mod 3 Q10.docx (Size: 16.15 KB / Downloads: 14) Hi All,

We have attempted 2012 Module 3 Question 10 for comment. Our answer is attached. Thanks!

Question 10
a) A railway is introducing Automatic Train Operation (ATO). Briefly describe a suitable system. [7 marks]
b) Explain what benefits may be expected as a result of ATO. [10 marks]
c) Discuss how the performance of the ATO system may be affected by varying rail head conditions. Describe how the issues may be addressed and any changes needed to operational procedures. [8 marks]
a) an architecture diagram would add to your answer,
b) whilst the question asks for the benefits it might be worth adding a bit more explanation of how they will be achieved and also quantifying how big they may be,
c) some issues identified but not sure the solutions are sufficiently explored. Not sure what the ergonomic issue in the last bullet is.

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