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Hi All,
Here's my attempt at Q4 from 2013, this was about introducing new signalling systems with conventional, havingĀ  transition area and also overlay area.

Please provide feedback.


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.pdf   MOD3_2013_Q4.pdf (Size: 2.02 MB / Downloads: 17)
Brief description of systems - good.
Description of transition to/from cab - most of the key points mentioned, liked the note about sufficiently long in one system before a change. It is about thinking about the driver - where do they get the information from in each system, what about at the change, consistency of information and avoiding nasty surprises.
For dual signalling one of the issues is consistency of information - does the MA int he cab match the lineside aspect, is the speed profile at the lineside the same as in the cab, what inconsistencies might be considered acceptable? Also if one adopts a solution like Thameslink where there are more ETCS blocks than lineside, what are the issues?
A good answer.

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