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2014 Q2 Competence
Hi All, 
welcome your thoughts

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Brief comments - First part is too short for 12 marks.

Explain what a competence management system is/does:
* a database of tasks, with what abilities and skills are needed for each, and staff possess them at what level,
* documented criteria for each skill/ability item showing what is required
* along with a process for monitoring and periodic review/re-assessment.
* Competence levels for each item (not competent, trained but needs mentoring, competent, expert etc).
How does this maintain competence? periodically re-assess which means recording each persons' experience to know if competence has lapsed.

Information available to those managing and planning works and they know to check competency records;
Management review with action in cases of lapsed competence and process for removing people from tasks and where appropriate disciplinary action to enforce it.

Competence gained through appropriate training and coaching/mentoring; initial work under a competent person; for each skill a competent person appointed and a plan in place which can then be signed off for an auditable trail.

Both initial and periodic assessments carried out by trained assessors against the defined criteria. Assessors have also to maintain their competence.

I can't really comment on your examples on a quick reply.
dorothy.pipet Wrote:Great feedback! thanks.

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