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2018 mock exam attempt
Hi all,
Over the weekend I attempted 2018 paper under exam conditions, and lets just say it didn't go too well.
I associated 30 minutes to each question and seemed to run out of time for each before I had really finished, so there's some unanswered/unfinished sections. I wasn't going to post it as I was quite unhappy with the end result, but how would I have gained anything by sending it to the bin, so here it is.....

I attempted the point controls first, and next thing I realised I was 15 minutes in so had to move on, leaving not much time to finish off the route controls. I had printed out the layout on double sides by accident so the route tables were on the back which slowed me down a little, but that's where the excuses end.

The rest was just poor time keeping on my part, and not really giving the marks available the time I should have given.

I think by the end I just started to ramble, as even though it was a mock exam the pressure still got to me.

I'm glad I did this though, as it gives me time to rectify the issues I have.
Please provide feedback on the content, as well as exam techniques I can use to make sure that I at least come out of there with full answers.
I'm going to do another 3 mock exam under exam conditions over the next few weeks, so hopefully I can nail this down and go into the exams on the 5th as prepared as I could be.

Attached Files
.pdf   2018 mock exam Control table.pdf (Size: 1.06 MB / Downloads: 38)
.pdf   2018 mock exam written P1&2.pdf (Size: 1.36 MB / Downloads: 53)
.pdf   2018 mock exam written p3&4.pdf (Size: 1.17 MB / Downloads: 44)
.pdf   2018 mock exam written P5&6.pdf (Size: 1.36 MB / Downloads: 34)
Part of the reason for we all recommend practising so much is to help with timekeeping, writing for and hour and a half solid, dealing with the pressure. From what I could see, there seemed to be a reasonable quantity of text for the time. The marking scheme does give a rough indication of how much time should be spent on each element. Don't beat yourself up, carry on the self reflection and try again. Like everything, it gets easier with repetition. Hopefully, someone else can critique the technical.

Le coureur
Not qualified to offer any detailed feedback, as I'm doing Mod 3 myself this year and it is not my field of expertise. Your answers looked pretty good to me though.

As far as technique goes, It's been suggested that spending a few minutes doing a plan before writing your proper answer is a good idea. Might help avoid the rambling.

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