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2015 calcs-timed
Morning all,
Just done the calculations for 2015. I timed this to see how long it would take, I think I done it in 25 mins but it could have been 30 as once finished I actually couldn't remember the exact time I started.
This raises a few questions though. Its given 20 marks on the paper, with a total of 100marks overall, which is slightly different to the usual 90 marks per 1.5 hour test. That means that theoretically I should be giving slightly less than 20mins to this part of the questions.
What's everyone's view on this- would you say just complete this section in 20-30 and then give an hour to the layout. 20 marks are associated to points and TC, but this seems like it could be done in less than 20 mins.

Going to do a timed mock mod 2 exam tomorrow, so might find out a bit then about what to spend my time on, but happy to get feedback from all.


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