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Signalling equipment installation in OHL
Dear All,

I have a question. 
Can we install the signalling equipment onto overhead line mast such as radio antenna and radio equipment cabinet? What is the concern if we do manage to install insulator between mast and radio equipment cabinet.
Depends if you are asking can we or do we. As far as I am aware, there are no reasons prohibiting it assuming compliance with all the relevant laws and standards. However, equipment that is more sensitive to EM effects usually benefits from a greater separation. Also, the pantograph on the wire is noisy but some trains emit all sorts of "noise" and the maintainability of kit is made more complex by requiring de-energisation.

IRSE News actually showed an image from one country where signal heads were connected to the OHLE droppers. For maintenance, they were lowered by remote ground-level winches and no isolation was required (from memory).

Do we?; in the UK, generally no.
Le coureur

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