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Mod 7 2019 Q1 Attempt
Hi all, 

Please provide some feedback on the 2019 Q1 attempt.

 Thank you! 

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.docx   Mod 7 2019 Past Paper Attempt Q1.docx (Size: 37.84 KB / Downloads: 15)

Good attempt so well done. The question gives some clues as to what the examiner may be looking for and you have ticked a lot of these off.

Part a)- I would think about the new technology element the question refers to. How would product acceptance processes be implemented? How will safe integration be managed (through reviews such as inter-disciplinary checks and reviews), you hint at this in the system integration. How will documents be accepted and reviewed? Another big thing I would expect to see in an EMP is an explanation of how competencies will be managed (appreciate you reference this in QMS but I would suggest this could be expanded on). I like your reference to the safety management system- this could be revised slightly with info such as which regulations require a safety management system (ROGS) and when a safety case would be required (we wouldn't do this for every change)- it is worth thinking about whether you would just reference your organisational SMS/QMS in an engineering management plan rather than devise anew. How would standards changes be implemented, briefed and controlled? Would the plan detail processes for managing non-compliances to standards? What about technical queries? You reference the V cycle which is good- I would have expanded on how the testing corresponding to initial requirements was to be assured.

Part b) Some roles I agree with, others aren't quite right. The DPE, CEM, systems engineer and RAM are all viable people who may be expected to endorse the strategy. You might also consider a lead tester, senior signalling engineer (a PEM or DEM in the NR world- responsible for checking), maybe even operations and/or operations depending on the new technology. I wouldn't expect any governmental body to approve an EMP.

Good luck in the exam.

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