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What would it take for you to ask questions...
What would it take for you to ask questions, ask for help or post a model answer? The purpose of the forum is to allow those studying the exam to obtain help from your peers, some of which are senior engineers of this forum, and to help you gain an understanding of what the exam actually requires from a candidate.

There are a large number of people who are not posting. So why join?

Post to say hello, to ask what may seem a dumb question or even to offer an answer and ask for it to be checked or commented upon. It will only work if people put in some effort. We look forward to your posts and to help where we can.

Le coureur

what benefits would there be from passing the exam? Apart from self pride.
I have not had a great look around yet but its not leaping up at me. I want to study for and eventuall take the exam for my own satisfaction but would like some more motivation than that.

I have asked in another thread, is there a study group in Kent and where do i start to study?

Maybe at this time i should point out that i am currently a licenced installer and also an SMTH tester. I have no design background although i would love a spell in a design office.


The benefits are: a worldwide recognised qualification in Signalling, Telecomms or Systems/Safety engineering; it can be used to make-up a gap in your academic qualifications when you register for EngTech/IEng/CEng; to help you learn more about the industry you work in and understand what you do as a day job with greater depth, etc.

As for Study Groups in Kent, there are none. You could start one! The closest is Eversholt Street, London.

You could come to the Signet day in August and experience some exam questions or speak to people who've passed the exam. Get an idea of what is in the Yellow Book. Read the IRSE Red and Green text books. Without knowing what you know it is hard to suggest where to start.

The IRSE will hopefully be offering a brokering scheme soon that will place people into other companies on temporary placement. Keep your eyes on the IRSE website and in IRSE News.

If you want to know anything further, PM me or reply to this thread. We'll help all we can.

Cheers, Jerry
Le coureur
Thanks for the reply Jerry,

i already have the green and red books but have never heard of the yellow one. Do you have an ISBN #?

I have seen some of the exam questions on here and they are definatly above the level of knowledge i have at the moment.

Where is the Signet day being held and who would i contact regarding attendance?

Many thanks again Jerry. As i think of more questions i will post them on here or private message you.


The Yellow Book is someting rther different; not IRSE not signalling. Useful for module 1 but probably not for you yet. However worth investigating it at:

Signet weekend is actually next weekend 16/17th August. It is either full or close to being so and to be honest I think that it would probably be above you at present since it very much focusses in the exam questions for module 2 and module 3; those attending SHOULD have attempted mock exams (to be fair some have and I am marking them now). You could try emailing Andrew Witton (see members list details) if you are really keen.

However we are hopeful that about this time next year that we will repeat the module 5 Study Day which being far more focussed on trackside equipment would be more appropriate for your experience. There is also an aspiration to arrange something for module 1, but I am less clear whether that will come to fruition.
paterson00 Wrote:what benefits would there be from passing the exam? Apart from self pride.
I have not had a great look around yet but its not leaping up at me. Paterson00

Another benefit is that it's one of the pathways to full membership of the IRSE (along with appropriate experience, etc). The IRSE website has the latest info on the various pathways. It's debatable as to how valuable full membership is as opposed to associate membership for eg, but it may command some respect from future employers. For me, the exams also show that I'm undertaking "continuing professional development" - useful in my annual performance review at work.

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