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Wed 25th June 2008
See the imminent edition of "IRSE News" for a booking form for this YM event based at the Network Rail Signaller Training Centre Watford and kindly sponsored by TRE. To be sure of a place, respond as soon as you receive it (and if for any reason the flyer is absent from your copy, get in touch via this website).

Simulators will be used to assist in giving an overview of the implementation of Signalling Principles by an interlocking and thus the session should be valuable to many wishing to enhance their domain knowledge by gaining greater familiarity with the actual operation of a signalling system. Hence the event should be useful for newcomers to the industry and in particular those studying for the various IRSE exam signalling modules, not just Module 3.

Attendees will gain most from the event if they perform the recommended prior preparation. It is worth noting that nearly 4 months have elapsed since the Review of the 2007 Exam, and in another 4 months the 2008 examination will be uncomfortably close unless you are by then well prepared. Hence if your New Year's Resolution to study for the exams has yet to be seriously acted upon, treat this as a timely reminder to get down to it- tempus fugit!

Note that there is also to be a separate Study Weeekend in August more particularly targeted at specific preparation for the Module 2 and Module 3 examination papers; your studying should match this approach- first build up your knowledge generally and then in the last couple of months target the task which you must perform under examination conditions.

Don't forget that you can use this Forum to let us know if you have any particular suggestions for topics to include within these sessions. No promises but if you don't ask there is no chance that your wishes will be considered....

We are still planning the exact content of the event and will attempt to make it as useful as possible to the actual attendees, given the constraints of the facilities and time available at the event and the people and preparation time prior.

One principal focus will be to demonstrate how a Principles tester validates interlocking functionality for a typical route and point; students (particularly those intending to offer Control Tables within Module 3) should come prepared with their attempt at the CTs for the nominated routes and points for the layout attached to this posting.  The Controls can then be ticked off as the testing proceeds.

Other elements of the event will be more general.  To give a flavour of Past Questions of various IRSE Exam Modules for which useful background knowledge could be expected to be gained at this event, see the other attachment.  To be clear, we are NOT intending to give model answers to any of these at the event but there should be plenty of relevant stuff to help with at least elements of most.  Those not intending to perform CTs should consider the range of the various questions prior to the event and actually have a go at answering a couple of the relevant ones to their area of expertise.  You'll then know "what you don't know" and want to ask questions to find out about on the day.  

Even those attending the event but with no intention of sitting for an IRSE module in 2008 should also make an attempt to answer some questions; even if you find it a bit of a struggle it ought to give an idea about what the exam is all about.

In the exam there is typically 30 minutes per written question- obviously when you are learning it will take longer, but it is still not a huge committment to turn up at the event with a few attempted answers.

It'd be good to see some attempts at CTs or written answers posted on this site publically (or if you don't wish to be quite so open emailed privately) before the day.  If you do that in good time, there's a better chance of us addressing the issue which interests you particularly at the event.

Hope to see some response in the not-too-distant future,


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Following the positive feedback on last year

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