Poll: Written Question Study Topics- for SIGNET
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Aspect Sequence and Junction Signalling
2 7.69%
Transmission Based Signalling
4 15.38%
Degraded Mode Operation
3 11.54%
Interlocking Principles
2 7.69%
Application Design- selection of architecture and equipment
1 3.85%
Train Detection Principles
3 11.54%
Level Crossings
2 7.69%
Single Lines
4 15.38%
Train Protection
3 11.54%
Principles Testing
2 7.69%
Total 26 vote(s) 100%
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Mod 3 Written Questions Topics
In connection with previous post, it would be helpful to establish which study topics are the favourites for those students who will attend Signet on 17th August. Please vote in this poll to register your interest.
So what do I deduce from this:

4 people total bothered to vote
1 of these voted for everything, thus nullifying their vote as it does not help prioritisation at all!
Not certain if everyone voting actually was from the approx 28 registered to attend Derby

Apathy, I think
I have now received a total of 15 written answers from 7 people and so am now determining which questions in the Mock Exam are those on which to concentrate next weekend.

It doesn't seem to tally with this poll at all; where the same individual is involved I suppose it does make sense to vote for a topic that you want to find more about yet avoid such a question when set in the mock exam.

However there is a pattern emerging about the more popular questions:

Q2 Popular but generally not answered that well, typically just about managing a PASS but with one honourable exception. The maths was one thing; the signal engineering something else!
Q4 Popular and generally answered particularly badly, the best possibly just reaching a PASS with most of the others short of a NEAR MISS. This really ought to have been an easy question with no scope for misinterpretation; just demonstrates a lack of knowledge.
Q5 Done by 2 people remarkably similarly. Not spectacular but perhaps the better one just about borderlining on a CREDIT; what was written was generally fine (for a change!) but rather sketchy lacking detail.
Q9 Done by 2 people rather differently but both overall with quite similar score; a clear PASS, but not that much more. Some of this may be because the scope of the question could be interpreted in differnt ways; however mainly because the candidates knew vaguely what they were talking about, but were confused in the detail.

As it currently looks I'll go through Q2 on the Saturday (i/c/w headway calcs for module 2) and the 4 sessions on the Sunday are likely to be:
A. General overview with some specific references to particular issues emerging from miscellaneous questions attempted
B. Q4 (aspect sequence)
C. Q5 (general "signalling the layout" issues and level crossings)
D. Q9 (track circuit constraints).

We have yet to determine exactly the order of these sessions and with which of the Control Table sessions they will clash. Obviously for those not interested in CTs at all then this is of no consequence, but we'll probably need to think particularly carefuly against what to schedule the review of Q4, but in the final analysis a person can only be in one place at one time so will have to pay their money and make their choice.

Interestingly these are all subjects with a certain amount of mod 2 relevance (I suppose that quite a few would come into this category, but it certainly seems that those which don't were less popular).

The above doesn't match with the poll particularly closely; one of the issues is of course that both samples are rather smaller than I may have hoped. The silent majority (some 3/4 of those booked to attend) will get what they are given and be thankful for it (and to those who have given me some material to work with)


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