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Mock Exam Question Paper
All the attempts posted in this section reflect a real attempt at the question paper in exam conditions.
Most of the 8 people were reasonably good on time management across the paper; one however only wrote extremely little for one and had probably consumed far too much time on the first two; this would almost certainly have spelt disaster in a real exam.

Some questions were decidedly more popular than others; 3 of the 10 were not attempted at all, despite having quite a diverse group from several different companies including mainline and metro and a variety of job roles and experience.

I have set up a thread for each question and will be posting attempted answers in each; I have already started but it will take some time to gather all the scans and indeed there are a few that I have yet to ask whether they are happy that I post here. However everyone's attempt is only identified by pseudo candidate number, so pretty anonymous unless recognise their handwriting.

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.doc   module 7 mock exam 2011.doc (Size: 50 KB / Downloads: 81)

can you reattached the document please?


PJW; "The specified attachment does not exist."
Le coureur
(04-03-2018, 01:35 PM)Jerry1237 Wrote: PJW; "The specified attachment does not exist."

For reasons that we have not been able to determine a large number of attachments, (all of which are *.doc) have disappeared from the website. 

Unfortunately I have not found another copy of this precise name, but I have found the one I have attached- I cannot recall now why the filename seems to suggest it is only part 2.   The questions do seem to match the title of the associated answers.  Just in case it goes again, also in pdf form

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.docx   module 7 mock pt 2 2011.docx (Size: 22.3 KB / Downloads: 8)
.pdf   Module 7 mock pt 2 2011.pdf (Size: 113.99 KB / Downloads: 14)

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