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Why? Who? - Please share!
MyBB is an experiment to see whether an online forum can be useful:
a) to encourage more Study Groups, or at least people to pair up to give mutual support to each other in their studying and thus act as a form of "clearing house",
b) to act as / exchange sidings" between the various actual Study Groups whether it be to pass on information of likely speakers, share more widely any notes that have been produced etc.
c) to see whether a "virtual Study Group" would work for those unable to attend a physical one.

Whilst recognising that maintaining certain privacy on the internet is appropriate, in order to create an effective forum it is obviously useful for members to know who in the group to turn to for assistance / join with as a "study buddy" or form part of a larger Study Group.

Hence users are encouraged to include a certain level of biographical details whilst witholding anything considered too private. Please consider telling the world a little about yourself in relationship to the exam, such as:
town(s) of employment / residence,
job role,
length of railway and / or other industry experience,
previous IRSE exam study / successfully completed modules
modules being considered for 2008
are all useful to "paint a picture" and ought to facilitate contact between members.

To do this (and it could be more obvious!), at the top of almost any page (just under the Green Title bar) you should find a "welcome back user xxxxx" message and after that a link named "Usercp". Click on this and then look for "edit profile" half way down the left hand side of the next webpage.

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